Pre-Law Events 2014

Although law can no longer be studied at an undergraduate level, this by no means signals an end to Blackstone’s commitment to first year students at UWA! As a faculty society, we are also here to help first year students settle into university life, no matter what their field of study. We are also here for those first year students who are thinking about studying law and/or are studying some law-related units during their undergraduate degree.

How we can help you:

Giving Pre-Laws better focus and identity
Blackstone Pre-Law is really committed to helping undergraduate students who are a bit unsure of where they’re headed or what is on offer for them. We are planning several competitions, academic mentoring sessions and social events so you can better understand what you’re studying, what opportunities that can give you and get to know your fellow pre-law students

Academic information and support
Blackstone is running several essay workshops and assignment guides for undergraduates unsure as to how to write a really good law paper. We are also in the process of creating study groups for pre-laws to get together and help each other out. Furthermore, we want you to be able to have a strong understanding of what you can expect from the JD, and there is no better way to do that than to talk to someone who is currently doing it, through our one on one academic mentoring support program.

Getting to know your cohort and making great friends
We think it’s really important for undergraduates to get to know the people they will be studying with, and making strong friendships even in a really big cohort. There are many social events such as pre-law breakfasts, movie nights, sports events, semester dinners and parties to get everyone together and familiar with each other.

Exposure to law and volunteering
There are many opportunities out there for undergrads to get involved in the community, and to get exposure to what life would be like in a law firm.
We will keep you posted on any opportunity that comes up, either for pre-laws wanting to do group volunteering or if you just want to find out more about the JD.

Good communication
Blackstone understands that the New Courses might be confusing and new students might feel a little lost when they initially start university. We also know from experience that students like to interact with other students who are studying similar units or share similar interests. Knowing this, we have created a Facebook group especially for students who are undertaking the Law and Society major or the Business Law major (commencing in second semester). The link for this group is:

The Facebook group is designed to give pre-law students at UWA a chance to interact with their peers in a more social setting. Don’t be afraid to post about things that don’t relate to university – the group is there for students to get in contact with each other and discuss whatever they like. Blackstone will also use this group to keep students up to date on any happenings around the Law School/UWA in general that might be of interest.

You might also be interested in joining the general Blackstone Society Facebook group, which can be found here: