Pre-Law Competitions 2015

Are you an undergraduate student interested in law? Do you have a hankering for public speaking? Do you spend your nights hopelessly wishing you were Denny Crane from Boston Legal grilling people in the courtroom? Well read on because you’re in luck!

There are several competitions being run this year by Blackstone for any undergraduate student interested in law.


Mock Trials Competition: Round 1, 10th March 
This competition is very similar to the Trial Advocacy competition that Blackstone traditionally runs for law students. In teams of two, it is all about questioning witnesses about facts and eliciting answers most favourable to your case.
It is run very similarly to the Mock Trials competition many of you did in High School.

How it works:
The focus of the competition is the examination and cross-examination of witnesses and the presentation of brief opening and closing addresses. Given this fact-finding objective, no knowledge of the substantive law is necessary, and only limited pre-trial preparation is required. The problems are set before the Magistrates Court, the District Court or the Supreme Court and heard by a single presiding judge or magistrate.  They are designed to reflect a real trial, and are often based on actual civil and criminal matters. The competition aims to provide students with an insight into the operation of the court system, while developing their skills of persuasive argument.

How to get involved:

Sign-Ups are available now!

Sign Up Form:…/1Wu7_tILCLQ56RZ2BGprOiPj…/viewform

To Compete you will need a Blackstone Membership, please get one here:


Negotiation Competition 

This is a new competition for Pre-Law students. Teams of two engage in a mediation session between two teams of lawyers, each representing a hypothetical party in an attempt to resolve their dispute. Teams consist of two members each, who shall remain together for the duration of the competition. After preparing, the teams will come together to discuss the various issues and attempt to come to an agreement that best meets their client’s instructions.

How to get involved: 
Keep checking the facebook page ‘UWA Pre-Law students’ for when to enter and when rounds will be held.
We will also have plenty of resources on how to do negotiation competitions if this is your first time!



Mooting Competition:
Teams of two will be given a case and argue based on a point or points of law. It is is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem against an opposing counsel and before a judge. It is perhaps the closest experience that a student can have whilst at university to appearing in court.

This year Blackstone will run two competitions alongside for the Mooting Competition. A first year Moot and a Pre-Law Moot. This will allow students aspiring to the JD to practice Moot at a higher level, and for the first years to be able to compete past the first round.

How to get involved:
Keep checking the facebook page ‘UWA Pre-Law students’ for when to enter and when rounds will be held.