Welcome to the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA). You might not know it, but as a law student you are automatically a member of ALSA. That means that all the services and opportunities associated with ALSA belong to you.


ALSA is slightly different to your traditional LSS, in that as a national representative body, one of our primary roles is to act as a lobbyist for Australian law student interests. ALSA carries out this role through a number of channels, including making submissions to governments, universities and other stakeholders, and by maintaining relationships with bodies such as the Law Council of Australia (LCA) and the Council of Australian Law Deans (CALD). The ALSA team ensures that where issues require a unified and national response, ALSA has significant weight in its ability to negotiate with other organisations where the individual LSSs would not have a substantial voice.

ALSA is run by an elected Executive and Committee, who consult with the individual LSSs around Australia in order to determine the critical issues facing law students at any given moment. These range from traditional education matters such as funding, assessment policies or scholarship opportunities, to career issues, such as seasonal clerkship guidelines, requirements for admission and non-corporate opportunities.



ALSA delivers a number of services directly to students where there are synergies in doing so at a national level. Our primary event is the annual ALSA Conference (held in July), which brings together over 600 law students from Australia and New Zealand for the national finals of legal competitions. In addition, the Conference hosts ALSA Council meetings, Australian Legal Education Forums (ALEF) and plenty of fun times. It is the largest law student event in Australia, and one of the largest student-run conferences annually.

ALSA also maintains a number of publications focused on all Australian law students, including the Academic Journal, International Careers Guide, Global Scholarships Guide, and Judges Associates Handbook. In addition, ALSA produces a biannual flagship publication, the ALSA Reporter; and a newsletter, ALSA Monthly. These publications are intended to be of benefit to Australian law students and supplement the publications provided by individual LSSs.



ALSA provides a knowledge-sharing forum to assist the LSS on your campus to be the best it can be. This forum is the ALSA Council, which comprises of the President and an ALSA Representative from each of the 30+ law student societies nationwide. The ALSA Council meets three times a year, and the most important parts of these meetings are knowledge- sharing workshops, seminars and breakout groups, which allow ideas to be shared and taken back home. The ALSA Education team also gathers data from law schools around Australia on issues in legal education, which can then be distributed and used by individual LSSs in their own education roles.


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