What does Blackstone Do?

The Blackstone Society represents all UWA students currently studying a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Juris Doctor (JD) or an undergraduate major in Business Law or Law and Society.


Our aim is to give you helpful information about the diverse career paths available to you. That’s why we:

  • Organise presentations from firms, and law graduates who have particularly interesting careers;
  • Release and update the annual Blackstone Careers Handbook;
  • Put on the Perth Law Careers Fair and the Mid-Year Careers Fair to get you in touch with prospective employers;
  • Keep you updated on opportunities that we hear about.

Please contact the Careers VP if you have any specific queries: careersvp@blackstone.asn.au

Equity and Social Justice

Ever wanted to work in a Community Law Centre? Want to learn more about the mental health issues facing law students? Have you faced an equity issue and not known who to talk to?

The Blackstone Equity and Social Justice team can help you out. Our Volunteering Officer works to provide opportunities to use your legal skills in a practical context, or to give back to the community through our partner organisations. In the Women In Law Mentoring Scheme (WILMS), we partner female lawyers with female law students to combat gender inequality in the profession. And, our Mental Health Officer will help you out during difficult times, and promote various campaigns and programs to combat mental health issues amongst law students.


Blackstone represents law students to the law school faculty, the Guild, and the Australian Law Students’ Association (ALSA).

We host the Education Handbook to help you know your rights.

We run Academic Mentoring and publish an academic journal — Onyx — to enhance your education. We are also here to make sure students are informed about issues affecting their education. Finally we offer academic support and advocacy whenever you need it.


Blackstone recognises the importance of a healthy social life outside university. The Blackstone social calendar includes events that offer great opportunities to relax with friends.

Whether the legendary Courtyard Show — a suave evening spent at the Allens Cocktail Party, the highly anticipated Ashurst Law Ball, or the Blackstone Wine Tour, there is an event for everyone.


A balanced legal education exposes students to at least three elements: substantive legal principles, academic legal scholarship and practical legal skills. While each of these elements is central to all of Blackstone’s competitions, there is a particular emphasis on providing a forum for students to develop practical expertise. Equally important is the opportunity to interact with other students, academic staff, practitioners, and judges in an environment that is both rewarding and enjoyable.

Through the support of the Law School, the generosity of sponsoring firms, and the invaluable assistance of members of the legal profession in Western Australia — Blackstone is able to conduct seven internal competitions each year. Drawn from the over 350 students that participate in these internal events, Blackstone competitors are also able to represent UWA at a number of external competitions, notably the national championships held as part of the Australian Law Students’ Association Annual Asia-Pacific Conference. The Conference will be convened in Sydney in 2015. Other external competitions in which UWA holds a stellar reputation include the Phillip C Jessup International Law Mooting Competition and the Michael Kirby Contract Arbitration Moot.

Getting involved in competitions at Law School gives all law students an opportunity to become part of the long history and proud tradition of Blackstone at UWA. With such a wide variety of competitions on offer throughout the year, for both individuals and teams, there is an opportunity for everyone to participate – if not as a competitor, then as an organiser, witness, client, judge’s associate, or spectator. Volunteering for a support role is great fun, a means of meeting lots of new people, and is also a wonderful way of finding out what a competition is all about before taking on your Law School classmates as a competitor the following year.


Objectives and Constitution

Blackstone is an incorporated association governed by the terms of our Constitution, published below.

The Blackstone Society Constitution has been amended since it was first prepared, and any amendments are included here.

This document includes the rules governing elections and the powers of the Executive and Committee.

Download (DOCX, 103KB)

2015 Committee

Daniel Bruce

Matheo Vinciullo

Administrative Vice President /

Emily Pendlebury

Social Vice President /

Lauren Bourke

Careers Vice President /

Hannah Peters

Equity Vice President /

Patrick Mackenzie

Competitions Vice President /

Chris Burch

Education Vice President /

Richard Shugrue

Pre-law Vice President /